Juri Vips wins the final in Junior Max


The rain stopped for about an hour, allowing teams to sweep the track to make it more usable. The pre-finals were cancelled to take advantage of a lull forecast for midday.

Rokas Baciuska and Max Timmermans competed for the lead on the 1st lap. Dave Wooder took second behind Timmermans, Sandy Mitchell was 3rd, Thomas Preining 4th and Baciuska 5th. Juri Vips was ahead of Luke Willemse. Nathan Hédouin had already risen to 21st. Wooder took the lead on the 2nd lap ahead of Vips and Timmermans. Then Vips took the lead from Timmermans and Preining. Willemse dropped to 17th. Vips and Wooder got away, while Timmermans and Preining were neck and neck for 3rd place. Hédouin was fighting in 22nd place. Wooder attacked Vips and took the lead on lap 17, and Preining got the better of Timmermans for 3rd position, with Richard Verschoor moving up to 5th. Wooder was in the process of ensuring his victory with 5/10 ahead of Vips. Preining lost his 3rd position in favor of Timmermans, Jesper Sjoeberg passed Verschoor for 5th. Hédouin was up to 18th position. Preining was 6th falling behind Max Hofer and in front of Verschoor.

On lap 10, the rain restarted and Vips and returned to the lead, but Wooder retaliated then Timmermans took 2nd, Vips took the lead ahead of Wooder, Sjoeberg was 4th ahead of Hofer and Mick Wishofer was back in 7th position. Vips eventually won in front of Wooder and Timmermans. Hédouin finished 14th, a gain of 15 places!

Reference: http://www.kartcom.com/en/news/2014/11/29/juri-vips-wins-the-final-in-junior-max

ABC Grupp
Continental B2B

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